Girl Behind a Sheet
Girl Behind a Sheet

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Girl Behind a Sheet
Girl Behind a Sheet

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"I just wanted you to know that what you do makes a huge difference and my work with you changed my life. I will never again try to wear someone else's clothing."


-- J.P. Cleveland, Ohio


"My wife and I were most pleased with your professionalism and expertise. This experience has been interesting, fun and educational."


-- Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Phoenix, Arizona


"Congratulations to you and Wardrobe Image for being recognized as a successful and influential leader in the fashion industry. Your ability to transform jars of clay into works of art is both profound and astonishing."


-- G.D.M Arizona

"Pat Newquist is great! She is creative, original and fun, but always 100% professional. I'm one of those guys that really hate to shop, but Pat makes the whole experience both pleasant and productive. If it wasn't for the fact that I want to keep her all to myself, I'd have absolutely no trouble recommending her to anyone!"


-- Paul Coppinger, APPS Software Int.


"With only a few seconds to make a first impression, Pat has shown me how to maximize the short time we have."


-- Barbara Kaplan, Design Dimensions


"Words alone could not justify how I feel about your anyone who is considering your service knows, Image is everything. It is also unfortunately a habit, a routine and a rut for those of us who have the wrong image...I admit I was and have been resistive to suggestions, however, I am learning to trust your judgment and break out of my old image box and create a new, better one. This has been a lot easier for me to do as I have and continue to get wonderful comments. As a management consultant and investment banker, my advice to any potential client would be to "go for it," as you have to try them to really appreciate your talents. Pat, I thank you, and I thank my guardian angel for steering me your way. You are wonderful and fantastic, and I wish you much success."


-- D.R.W.


"I've always loved clothes and feel I have nice taste in clothes. I can always choose between good and better, but Pat guides me from better to the very best -- in style, quality, value and consistency. Her goal was to have all of my choices look spectacular and work together -- and she achieved that. I get dressed in an instant and know that I look fabulous. And best of all, I saved time and money. She never advised me to buy anything that didn't work with multiple pieces. I have a classy, stylish (and younger-looking) wardrobe. I am very conservative with my money, and never in a million years would have thought I would spend money on an image consultant. But now I would not consider NOT taking advantage of Pat's services. She is also extremely nice and a total pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


-- Barbara McDugald Willis, Vice President and General Counsel, Security Title Agency