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Wardrobe Retainer

Have an image coach at your service. Invest in your image today.  Eleven hours of consulting service between client and Pat Newquist Image Coach.  Consulting service based on the need of the client; example - shopping, closet, I have a meeting tomorrow what do I wear or I have an interview. Don't go it alone.

Mentoring Services

Perfect for those out of town or out of state. Need image advise of a varity of subjects. One more tool to help you advance no matter what the need is. With the internet and a webcam we can do it all. 

Image Profile

Discover the secrets to projecting a postive image. Image is nothing more than crayon and thread. The secret is how it is applied. A Color Consultation plus a Line and Design Consult combined with the insider tools is your advantage.

Line & Design

Your body has a shape and design. Learn the facts and dress to impress. Discover the correct fabrics, patterns and silhouettes every time for every occasion.

Line & Design can be obtained through webcam and photos. Contact Pat Newquist for additional information.

Color Consultation

Color in alive and well. Color is power. Discover your colors and use it to your advantage.

Closet Consultation

Start shopping in your own closet. Your closet should be a warm and fuzzy place. Learn how to use what you have or add what you need.