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Pat Newquist Image Coach


is a leader in the field of image coaching and consulting services. She even has winning K9 show dogs as clients, as well as politicians, media talents, doctors, attorneys, engineers, professors, realtors, hotel resorts and homemakers to name a few.

Discover the tools to projecting a positive Image.

              Don't be left behind or passed over.

                            Today could just be your day.


Pat Newquist started her company in 1983. Since that time she has become a leader in the image coaching and consulting field. Pat has consulted and spoken with thousands of men and women regarding every aspect of image related topics. As a speaker she will make you think twice on how you think of image projection.


Pat has hosted a radio talk show, fashion segments for the local Fox Morning News program. She has been written up in numerous newspapers and magazine articles, modeled for the Leighton Agency and appeared in national cable commercials.

  • Wardrobe Retainer

  • Mentoring Services

  • Image Profile

  • ​Line & Design

  • Color Consultation

  • ​Closet Consultation

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.24.15

Image is really no more than crayon and thread. Add a positive attitude along with the right wardrobe it equals a positive image.


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